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so few things cd

1. Wild Nights
2. Daniel
3. Elkton
4. It's Not Love
5. This Time
6. Here & Here
7. These Weeks
8. Train
9. As You Were
10. Everywhere
11. Lullaby
12. Gettin' Up Guy


manalapan cd

1. Manalapan
2. I Just Want More
3. Arlington
4. Get Right Back
5. Plain White T-Shirt
6. Honey Don't Think Your Mama Don't Know   mp3
7. Hot Red Car
8. Car Repair   mp3
9. October
10. Think Again Heart
11. Adagio
12. Whitman in 1863
13. Good Night, Friday Night

out-take: One Night Stand   mp3
with Kevin Harding (guitar), Hod O'Brien (piano), Carter Blough (upright bass),
Eric Stassen (drums), and Jeff Romano (harmonica)

single: Thank God Virginia's on Our Side  lyrics & mp3
with Lance Brenner (drums, recording studio), Paul Curreri (guitar), Chris Ruotolo (bass), Me (guitar, vocals), Everybody (background vocals).

AFTER YOU (1998)

after you cd

1. Stephen Crane    real  mp3
2. King of my Living Room
3. Gargoyle    real  mp3
4. Jock O'Hazeldean
5. Tide by Tide
6. After You
7. Stick    real  mp3
8. Don't Turn
9. Something About Him
10. Loa Loa
11. Time Was
12. Garden
13. Albany

A showcase of Charlottesville-based
singer-songwriters & friends trading
the seat by the mic in a living room setting.

king of my living room cd

1. Introduction
2. King of my Living Room (Brady Earnhart)
3. Bubblegum Tragedy in G (Danny Schmidt)
4. Rapping Backwards (Nickeltown)
5. All Around This Town (Jan Smith)
6. Hiding With a Shadow (Stratton Salidis)
7. Car Repair (Brady Earnhart)    mp3
8. Machines of Loving Grace (Lance Brenner)
9. Mine to Lose (Danny Schmidt)
10. Arlington (Brady Earnhart)
11. Song of the Itinerant Bible Salesman (Nickeltown)
12. Ate My Heart (Stratton Salidis)
13. Dime on the Floor (Jan Smith)
14. (Don't) Burn Your House Down (Lance Brenner)
15. Drunk at the Biltmore (Danny Schmidt)

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