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City Salvage Records A new, eclectic label out of Brooklyn, NY. City Salvage is the brainchild of writer & visual artist Andy Friedman, who has taken a big step out of the box by creating this venue to champion both printed work & sound recordings. The host of my new CD, as well as Paul Curreri's and Devon Sproule's.
Nickeltown Fresh, literate, contemporary folk. These guys not only had the good taste to cover two of my songs on their CD Presto Change-o, they're also a smart songwriting team & high-octane positive energy performers. In case you haven't heard them before, think Tom Waits, Lyle Lovett, Allen Ginsberg, Michael Hedges, John Prine, Yosemite Sam . . .
Lance Brenner For many years, Lance headed a great rock band called The Naked Puritans (and an acoustic-with-strings incarnation called The Naked Puritan Philharmonic that I wrote some violin & cello arrangements for). He's branched out into da-da novelty (The Falsies), electronica (Thrum), and soundtrack work--all high-quality and fascinating stuff.
Danny Schmidt One of my favorite singer-songwriters. A haunting, ageless voice; melodies that are both simple & original; wry, moving lyrics; a guitar style that's as organic as it is unpredictable. What force is he tapping into, anyway?
Jan Smith One of the original Kings of My Living Room, she's a beautiful writer and singer. "Based in the Blue Ridge Mountains of central Virginia, the Honeybirds combine country, bluegrass, folk, and old-time rock and roll to create a band steeped in classic American music."
Paul Curreri Anyone who's seen Paul shock a noisy barroom into silence has experienced what it must have been like to see Dylan breaking onto the folk scene in the early '60s--though his charisma, surrealistic lyrics, and beat-angel voice are without precedent.
Devon Sproule After starting her career with a precocious & bold but somewhat familiar bang as an edgy kid with a big voice & a guitar, Devon has emerged from her mentors' shadows to undergo a startling transformation over the past few years. With her brave step from brashness into sophisticated, hard-earned vulnerability, she has vindicated her early fans and continues to win new ones with every show. Her masterful Upstate Songs proves Devon worthy of holding her own on a shelf with anyone from Joni Mitchell to Ani DiFranco to Gillian Welch, while reminding you less & less of anyone you've ever heard before.
Larry Pattis Imaginative, lovely virtuoso fingerstyle guitar.
Larry Gallagher Somewhere between Cole Porter, Paul Simon, and Krusty the Klown stands this moving and insidiously memorable Californian songwriter.
Acoustic Muse Charlottesville's movable feast of higher-profile acoustic performers, run by a selfless and tireless group of great people.
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